Dr. Salah Rustum
Specialized in Aerodynamic and obtained his doctorate degree.

Worked with aircraft producing factories and headed several International Commissions – such as the Future Planning Commission of Rome Airport, the Introductory commission of the Jumbojet B747 Aircraft, UN Rapporteur for ESCWA Countries on new technologies and symbologies such as the Bar Coding and EDI-Electronic Data Interchange coupled with the introduction of the Electronic Digital Signature all of which were duly introduced in both Lebanon & the MENA Region since 1996.

Dr. Rustum founded in 1974, CIEL focuses exclusively on Cyber security, its flagship product is being the exclusive distributor of GlobalSign products specifically Web SSL certificates, email personal signatures, MS and PDF digital signatures and finally, devices, including smartphones, iphones and Ipad tablets.. Our goal is to become the leader in establishing Global Trust on the net in the Lebanese market and the MENA Region, based on internationally accepted standards