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Mission Statement

The Belgian Business Council in Lebanon (BBC-LB) has been established with the purpose of encouraging the development and expansion of trade and economic relations and also to foster beneficial business relationships between Lebanon and Belgium.

The BBC-LB is a non-profit association and has non-political objectives which are as follow:

  • To promote and improve trade relations, opportunities and measures between businessmen, businesses, companies and agencies involved in trade and commerce between Belgium and Lebanon.
  • To meet, discuss, advise on and generally attempt to resolve problems and issues affecting members, their businesses and their commercial and trading activities
  • To elect a steering group that shall meet, on behalf of the members, with Government departments, Ministries and relevant Lebanese / Belgian trade organizations, to voice members' suggestions and concerns towards the improvement of the commercial relations.
  • To publicize and inform members of any relevant trading and commercial trends and Government measures likely to be of interest to its members. The BBC-LB aims to promote a positive image of Lebanon and to reinforce economic ties between Lebanon and Belgium. It is dedicated to improve the already strong business links that exist between Lebanon and Belgium.

* BBCL Board participating actively with RDCL FEB 24/2015

* BBCL President & Board Members honoring H.E. The Belgian Ambassador in a Walking Dinner on FEB 26/2015

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