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Member Benefits & Services

  • Trade shows focused on the promotion of Lebanon – Belgium business exchange.
  • Trade missions between Lebanon and Belgium
  • High-level business seminars and conferences featuring expert speakers, such as events focusing on current subjects but also on governmental policy, industry trends and market analysis
  • Business partner match making to identify potential partners, buyers or suppliers.
  • Website advertisement at to promote exceptional organizations and their services in Lebanese-Belgian business.
  • Awards and special recognition to outstanding corporations and individuals conducting Lebanese-Belgian business
  • Assisting BBC-LB members in promoting special events and conferences in Lebanon and Belgium
  • Providing networking opportunities on which strong trading and investment links are built between Lebanese and Belgian companies.
  • Providing an effective channel for the communication of information on economic development and trade opportunities in Lebanon.
  • A bi-monthly newsletter which features the latest economic, market situation and trade-related issues both in Lebanon and Belgium.
  • A facility for networking amongst members through various social and business functions such as: an annual ball, business luncheons, business awards, seminars, business conferences, etc.
  • Discounted participation fee for events organized by the BBC-LB.
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* BBCL Board participating actively with RDCL FEB 24/2015

* BBCL President & Board Members honoring H.E. The Belgian Ambassador in a Walking Dinner on FEB 26/2015

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