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Facts and figures*

Lebanon has one of the highest GDP per capita (9,227USD for 2010) in the Levant area. Although its population is approximately four million, more than 10 million Lebanese live abroad. This Diaspora creates high visitor numbers, in addition to the one million tourists that visit Lebanon every year.

The telecommunications sector in the country has a large potential for growth. The TRA is committed to exploit all the possibilities for growth in the sector in accordance with the Telecommunications Law. Such growth is expected to generate substantial benefits for the Lebanese economy and population.

The major developments that took place on the telecommunications market in 2011 were the introduction of new prepaid packages in June 2011, the commercial launch of 3G services by the two mobile managers, MIC1 and MIC2 in November 2011 and the decrease in the ADSL prices as per the Decree 6297 issued in September 2011. As a result of this Decree, low speed packages have been cancelled and an entry package of 1Mbps speed is now offered at a price 70% lower than previous 1Mbps offer with a usage that can go up to twice the previous one.

Macro-economic indicators:

Area (sq Km) 10,452
Population (2010) 4.23 million
Currency exchange rate USD / LBP (2011 average) 1,507
GDP (2010) 39 USD billions
GDP per capita (2010) 9,227 USD
Source: World Bank

Market indicators as of December 2011:

PenetrationNumber of Service ProvidersPrivate / State-OwnedLevel of competition
Mobile Market 81% 2 State-Owned Monopoly
Fixed Market (*) 64% 1 State-Owned Monopoly
Internet Market (incl. unlicensed providers) (**) 32% ~16 Private Competition
Broadband Market (Wireless and ADSL) (***) 24% ~7 for ADSL services
~16 for wireless services
Private through MoT Local Loop / Ogero Limited competition

(*) Household penetration for residential subscribers
(**) The Internet Users penetration per population is calculated using a Users' Account Usage Multiplier of 3.
(***) Household penetration

* IDAL website

* BBCL Board participating actively with RDCL FEB 24/2015

* BBCL President & Board Members honoring H.E. The Belgian Ambassador in a Walking Dinner on FEB 26/2015

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