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Belgian and Lebanese businessmen get along very well. Perhaps some similarities between our countries explain this mutual sympathy. We are both multilingual citizens coming from small countries that are extremely open to the outside world. Also, both our strategic locations - Lebanon as a gateway to the Middle East and Belgium at the heart of Europe - provide our countries an exceptional exposure and strategic locations.
In line with his strategy to promote further BBCL's Mission; the President of BBCL Mr Fadi Samaha held a lunche at Em Sherif's restaurant on JAN 20/2015 Photo Album
Le Président du RDCL Dr Fouad Zmokhol ainsi que les membres du Conseil d'Administration ont reçu la visite de Son Excellence l'Ambassadeur de Belgique au Liban Mr Alex Lenaerts accompagné du Conseil d'Administration de la «Lebanese Belgian Business Council » (LBBC) présidé par Mr Fadi Samaha.
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"BBCL Supports the Rights of Women in Lebanon
Dr Salah A. Rustum BBCL Board Member intends to meet with Mrs Jamal GHOBRIL President of the Lebanese Women Council coupled with Mrs Leila KARAMI President of the Lebanese Business Women Association to streamline BBCL's support to the cause of women in Lebanon and their absolute right to integrate into the business/political and social arenas."

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* BBCL Board participating actively with RDCL FEB 24/2015

* BBCL President & Board Members honoring H.E. The Belgian Ambassador in a Walking Dinner on FEB 26/2015

Brussels Airport élu meilleur aéroport européen
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